King Swing

Fordell Firs’ latest addition is a King Swing hereafter referred to as ‘The Phoenix’ in memory of Val Harley. ‘The Phoenix’ comes under the ‘adventurous activities’ and must have a centre qualified instructor to run it. People with neck, back or shoulder injuries need to discuss the implications of taking part when they arrive. The maximum size of a group should be 8 people. All safety equipment is supplied. Safety helmets should be worn by all persons who are inside the area when the activity is on going. We ask that people who come to the activity are suitably dressed. The following points should be noted:

  • If you have long hair bring a bobble to keep it up and together as you will need to wear a helmet and keep hair away from ropes.
  • Wear tops that cover shoulders, arms to elbow and over trouser line, shorts that cover legs to knee.
  • Wear flat secure fitting shoes – trainers are ideal.
  • Leave your jewellery at home or we may need to ask you to remove it.
  • Body piercings that may get caught up in safety equipment will normally have to be taped over or removed.
  • Watches, bracelets and wrist bands should be removed.