The Henderson Building

The Henderson Building is the larger and most modern of the two accommodation blocks at Fordell Firs. It is situated in a central location in close walking distance of the reception & shop, vending machines and activity meeting points.

The Henderson accommodates 37 people in bunk style rooms. These are divided up into 4 rooms of 4 beds, 2 rooms of 8 beds, 1 room of 3 beds (en-suite) and 1 room of 2 beds (en-suite). Fordell supplies all sheets and pillows, however duvets can be requested at an additional cost.

There is a large dining area, situated beside the well-equipped kitchen. The kitchen has 1 large fan oven, 2 six burner, double oven gas cookers, a large industrial grill, fridge freezer, and a food warmer (bainmarie). A full range of cutlery, plates, utensils and pots are supplied and there is adequate storage for all your groceries.

The Henderson also has full central heating, toilets and showers are situated on both floors. The building is also fitted with a stair lift.