The Abseiling wall comes under the ‘adventurous activities’ and must have a centre qualified instructor to run it. The maximum size of a group should be 12 people. All safety equipment is supplied. Safety helmets should be worn by all persons who are at the base of the cliff when an activity is on-going. We ask that people who come to abseil are suitably dressed. The following points should be noted:

  • Long hair my cause a problem – hair that is tied up in a bun may prevent a safety helmet fitting correctly, hair that is loose may get caught in ropes.
  • Crop tops are forbidden. Parts of the waist or legs where a harness might rub against the skin must be covered by clothing.
  • No loose fitting clothing, dangly ear rings, body piercings that may get caught up or run against safety equipment will normally have to be taped over or removed. Watches, bracelets and wrist bands should be removed. Rings may also cause a problem. Long sleeves and long trousers are recommended – remember when you are not abseiling it can get cold.